What is a Group Break?

A group break is where people share a box or case of Sports cards by dividing up the product by team, player or some other method.

How do I get into my first Break?

Just Click on Register (top right of our homepage)  to create an account on our Website finisw3.sg-host.com  After completing your registration you can visit our home page and browse through our breaks for sale.  Add products to your cart and check out! You are now in a sports card break!

When does my break happen?

The time and date of each break is listed on the homepage.  Also if you click on the break it will take you to the product details page.  We will list the time and date there as well. All times are Central Standard Time (CST).  We will broadcast live on YouTube if you wish to watch the break live. We will post all completed videos for the day to YouTube once we go off the air after the last break of the day.

When will I get my cards in the mail?

After a Group Break is completed, the cards will be sorted promptly.  Orders will ship different times throughout the week. Remember, there are multiple cases worth of cards being sorted and shipped each day/week!  Thursday and Friday breaks ship the following Tuesday.  Monday & Wednesday breaks ship the following Friday.  You will receive tracking info @ the email address you have on file with us (make sure it is correct).  This email is generally sent @ 12:04am on the day after we print a label for your package.  This email may go to a junk or spam folder the first time so make sure you mark the email as “safe” or “not spam” to ensure you are getting tracking info in your inbox.

What cards do you ship?

In 99.9999% of the Breaks we do, you will be shipped ALL CARDS including Base Cards from your Team/Spot. You will of course be shipped all of your Hits (Relic Cards, and/or Autographs, and/or 1 of 1’s), Serial Numbered Cards, and Short Printed Cards. Very Rarely there may be an unusual break that will not ship certain base cards (Donate Them), or will send a stack of “Unsorted” base cards (Variety of Teams) to each spot in the break. See each break description for details.  Each individual Break’s Shipping Details override anything in the Terms & Condition or FAQ page.  We do many different styles of Breaks, and many different types of products (Break Styles listed below), thus reading the shipping details of your break is important. As a Breaker our goal is to offer many different types of breaks (Teams, Divisions, Hit Style, Drafts, etc).

Where can I watch the break and where do I see what teams I have?

Go to the “Watch Us” tab on our home page.  Click on the YouTube link to be taken to our YouTube Channel DYNASTY BREAKS.  Don’t forget to Subscribe to our channel. If you are logged into your YouTube account you can chat with us, and anyone else watching during our LIVE breaks!
We also Stream Live on Facebook LIVE as well!

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: www.youtube.com/c/dynastybreaks

Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/DynastyBreaksLLC/

What different types of breaks do you do?

See our Terms and Conditions Page for in depth details on each Break Type.

There are several types of group breaks run on this site which cater to all types of collectors, so feel free to browse and choose the product and type of break that works best for you!

Pick Your Team Breaks – these allow each collector to buy a single team from an entire box or case of cards. Teams are priced fairly based on likelihood of hits in each product or fair market value of said team. This is the best option if you are looking for a certain player or a fan of a certain team.

Random Team Breaks – all teams found in a product are priced the same and randomly assigned through Random.org. You are buying a guaranteed slot in a break with a team to be assigned just before the product is opened.

Mixers – Sometimes instead of opening large quantities of a single product, it’s fun to mix it up! We will combine boxes from a single sport that may be from multiple years or brands. Many times these allow multiple teams to have better Hits/ Multiple Rookie Classes as opposed to opening one Year’s product only.

By purchasing a spot or team in any breaks on our Website you are acknowledging that you understand that there is no guarantee that you will receive a certain number of cards/items for the particular team/spot. We guarantee you will get something for your spot (See “Golden Rule” on our Terms & Conditions page).  You will always receive something for your spot/team, but we can’t guarantee how many cards/items that you will receive.  When we open card boxes we do not know what each box or case will contain, that is the nature of the industry. Part of the fun and excitement of collecting cards is not knowing exactly what you are going to get when opening a pack, box, or case of cards! It wouldn’t be much fun to open a box/case if you already knew what cards you were getting, or if everyone got the exact same thing. PS: We do offer some breaks with a “known” number of Cards/Hits and a “known” number of spots in the break. These types of breaks may guarantee a certain number of cards/hits to each spot/person. Example: We have a Case with a guaranteed 10 Autographed Cards, and we sell 10 Spots in the break – giving each spot one guaranteed Autographed Card.


  • Earn points by purchasing a break spot from our website
  • Earn 1 point for every dollar spent on break spots
  • Points are worth 1% cash back
  • Points cannot be traded in or sold for cash, only for website purchases
  • Points are usable on any purchase @ our Website DynastyBreaks.com
  • Points earned from break spot purchases are added to your account @ check out
  • Points do not expire, and can be used as long as we are selling breaks
  • You MUST be logged in to your account at checkout to get points.  If you aren’t logged in the website won’t credit any points to your account.

We will be utilizing the Dynasty Credits Program to compensate for hitless spots. The number of points will be determined by the cost of the break spot as noted below.

  • $29.99 and Under – does not qualify for hitless points.
  • $30.00 to $99.99 – qualifies for 500 points if hitless. ($5.00 Site Credit)
  • $100.00 and Up – Will be determined on a break by break basis

*Note, Some breaks may be noted in the product details “No Hitless Credit for this Break”.
This will occasionally be the case if a product has a special price or to keep the price low.
Please Check each break’s details to determine if the break qualifies for hitless credit.

We will add Hitless credit as quickly as possible after the break has been sorted and “hitless” status confirmed.  Please allow us time for this process.

A “Hit” is considered to be:

  • A Relic Card (Jersey, Auto, Precious Metal, etc.)
  • An Autograph
  • A Card # 1 of 1 (1/1)
  • A Points Card or Redemption Card

This sounds fun, but how do I know it’s legit?

All breaks are completed first on live streaming broadcasts at  https://www.youtube.com/c/DYNASTYBREAKS – none of our breaks are ever shown from recorded video. Boxes and cases are opened live and all activity is kept on screen so no “funny business” can go on behind the scenes. We see the cards pulled from each box at the same time you do!  Our reputation is everything to our business, and our customers always come first!

How do I know your random process is fair?

See our Terms and Conditions page for more details on the Random Process, or visit Random.org and read about how their site works.

We will then list out all the spot purchasers’ names in Random.org list randomizer (there are instances where we may need to use a different online randomizer, such as site maintenance on Random.org or technical issues).  Random.org is SSL secure and legal. This is a trusted site.

See our Terms and Conditions page for more details about other areas of our business.

Always feel free to contact us at:  dynastybreaksllc@gmail.com