Hits of the Holidays 2023 Rules

Make Sure to Read “The Fine Print” below, it’s Fascinating.

Every Break we do in December 2023 will send one person to our “Hits of the Holidays” Giveaway to be held on Friday January 5th, 2024. The Giveaway will start after all Breaks for that Evening have been completed. Participants DO NOT need to watch live on Jan 5th in order to claim their free prize. We will post the video of the Giveaway on our YouTube Channel so everyone can watch it if they were not able to be there live. Every person in the Giveaway will receive a hit (Card, Box, Comic, Dynasty Credit, Memorabilia, or other item). Best of all these Items are FREE and ship FREE. We are turning into Santa Claus for this one (George may already be Santa).
This is done as a “Thank You” to our Great Customers which we all consider to be our Friends!

Again, each Break we host in DEC 2023 will send one person. This May be the top name on the list, or may go to least number of hits in a break, etc. It is for us to decide in each break how the spot will be distributed fairly. We will announce this @ the beginning of each Break Live, but it will not be listed in the product details!

Again we Thank You all for being a part of the Dynasty Breaks Family!
Happy Holidays!

The Fine Print:
No Purchase Necessary for a chance to get into our “Hits of the Holidays” Giveaway.
If you would like a chance @ a “Wild Card” spot in the giveaway (There will be 4 of these available) read below.
We will be Drawing for these 4 “Wild Card” Spots right before the Giveaway on January 5th (End of Night after Breaks).
All 4 “Wild Card” Spots will get a “Hit” in our Giveaway just as a “Normal” Spot would.

How to Enter the “Wild Card” Spot Drawing (One Entry per Person Only)
1) Create an Account @ DynastyBreaks.com if you don’t already have one (Click on Login/Register)
2) Go to the “My Account” section of the site and make sure your Billing Address, Shipping Address, and Phone Number are all filled and Correct.
3) Mail us a Hand Written Paper containing the following in a plain white envelope:
Your Full Name
Your Email Address
Your Phone Number
State You Live in (From your Shipping Address)
Write “I would like to be in the FREE drawing for a Hits of the Holidays Spot”
Mail to this address: (Emails will NOT be accepted)
Dynasty Breaks LLC
Attn: Hits of the Holidays
4245 Kemp Blvd Suite 704
Wichita Falls TX 76308

More Wild Card Rules to Read:
Please Note if any of the above steps are not fully completed you will not be in the Drawing.
If we cannot read your paper entry, or cannot find your account on our site you will not be entered.
If you Create an Account (or have one already) but are missing addresses/phone you will not be entered.
If you mail your entry, but we do not receive it you will not be entered. Mail Your Entry as early as possible!
Mail must be postmarked by December 24th, 2023 and we must receive it by January 2nd, 2024 (No exceptions).
Anyone sending in more than one entry will not be eligible for the Drawing (Disqualified)
Four names will be Randomly Selected on our YouTube/Facebook Live Stream January 5th, 2024
Each of these 4 selected names will receive 1 “Wild Card” Spot in our “Hits of the Holidays” Giveaway.
If you win an item we will notify you by Email or Text, and ship the item to you Free of Charge.
Email us with any questions to dynastybreaksllc@gmail.com