So, What Are You Guys Giving Away During The Grand Opening?

Giveaways, Giveaways & More Giveaways!!

There will be giveaways for everyone. Three levels of giveaways mean more fun, more prizes and more chances to win!!

Level 1 – Everyone who has registered on our website will be eligible for these Grand Opening Giveaways! That means you are eligible for drawings on Friday and Saturday when we will give away Individual Cards, Individual Boxes and More Break Credit! Also, everyone who registered will receive their $10 in Break Credit (We call it Dynasty Credits).

Level 2 – There are ten Breaks scheduled during our Grand Opening. Each of these ten Breaks have special bonuses for anyone buying in. That means, buy into a break and participate in whatever Bonus is associated with that Break. More details can be found on the Website by clicking on “View Details” under each Break. (On a mobile device click on the title of the break).

Level 3 – The Grand Opening Mega Giveaway Finale happens on Wednesday, September 19th. Everyone who purchases a spot in any of the ten Grand Opening Breaks will receive one entry for each spot purchased. That entry gets you into our Grand Opening Mega Giveaway Finale at the end of the night on September 19th. The more spots you buy, the more entries you have. The more entries you have, the better your chances of winning prizes like a 2017 Contenders Deshaun Watson Rookie Ticket, a sealed box of 2018 Immaculate FOTL Baseball, an Ezekiel Elliott 2018 Immaculate Collegiate On-Card Jersey Auto… and more! Wow!!

(Please note: You must purchase a spot (or spots) into one of the Grand Opening Breaks to be eligible for the Grand Opening Mega Giveaway Finale drawings).

Good Luck to Everyone!

Let the Fun and Breaking Begin!